Letters to the Editor

McAllister letter: Political calls

I am really disappointed in the Republican candidates who assault citizens with unwanted phone, mail and email contacts. I am not a registered Republican in this state, and after this year’s negative campaigns in particular, I never will be. I have registered my private cellphone on do-not-call lists, which for whatever reason exempts political solicitations. I reject phone numbers I do not want and the campaigns use others. The few I call back to (most are spoofed and are reported as disconnected), such as the “friend” calls I got from Mr. Little’s campaign, I ask how they get my number and they say registered Republican voter records. That can’t be true because I’ve never been one. I ask them to remove my number and I get a song and dance that with the huge numbers they call around the state I shouldn’t get any more calls. Not a resolution. Also not true. I emailed the campaign to ask them to stop the calls and they used the “required” email address field to send me an email – not a response but more campaign junk I did not ask for or want. By the way, the unsubscribe button doesn’t work.

Karlyne McAllister, Boise