Letters to the Editor

Landers letter: Mental health and veterans

Where is the truth anymore, because we see poverty and homelessness and nobody seems worried about mental health or the rise of suicides growing, yet the issues don’t seem to be important enough to address. But for myself, as a vet, I have experience being locked in WVMC and P2 at the Veterans Hospital because of suicidal thoughts. I know about depression and isolation, but I also know that vets and civilians alike need help, because these times are a struggle mentally and physically, and sometimes there is no net to catch you when you fall. Mental health, homelessness and poverty are all rolled up into one, and so many are on the streets or suffering from PTSD and need to be heard, not thrown under a bus or left to starve. We as a nation should not be quick to judge; instead we need to be tolerant and work together to mend that which is broken and fix the system so it works for all, because there is too much injustice and not enough justice anymore. I know what it is to fall and to start all over again, and it’s hard.

John Landers, Wilder