Letters to the Editor

Getchell letter: Political cartoon

I am very disappointed the Statesman chose to print Glenn McCoy’s editorial cartoon “Journalism 101,” which depicts President Obama “secretly giving $400 million to a terrorist state (Iran).”

Lesson 1 in Journalism 101 should be “check your facts.” Snopes, The Washington Post and Politifact all report that the $400 million was money owed back to Iran for fighter jets ordered when the Shah was in power, but not delivered when the Ayatollahs took over 40 years ago. The claim was arbitrated by an international court. The decision to pay back the $400 million, plus interest, was publicly announced. To be factual, the caption should read “publicly returns $400 million to a terrorist state.”

I get my print news from the Statesman because I want facts. Generally, I think the Statesman does a good job. Unfortunately, in this case, I’m afraid thousands of Statesman readers will now accept as truth cartoonist McCoy’s “fake news” that a former president engaged in an under the table deal with the Iranians. Facts are important. If McCoy wants to make the point that the press is spending too much time on sleaze reporting, he should find a better way to do it.

Ralph Getchell, Boise