Letters to the Editor

Mattern letter: National debt

Regarding our growing national debt — where are the Republicans?

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) recently published a report predicting that our annual deficits will exceed $1 trillion for each of the next 10 years. A deficit means that government expenses for that year exceed the revenue it takes in.

Where is the fiscal discipline that our deficit hawks like Senators Crapo and Risch and Representatives Simpson and Labrador have been claiming for the past eight years? They seemed to have this discipline during the Great Recession. I thought they had fiscal convictions but all I see is a rubber stamp for Mr. “Spend More” Trump, AKA “I love debt.”

Look at what happened when our economy had too much debt on housing that people could not afford. Now think about the $20 trillion we already have on the books today. If we continue to cut taxes and spend wildly at the federal level, the sequel to the 2008 financial crisis will end terribly.

These are the good times; low unemployment and high consumer confidence. We expect trillion dollar deficits during bad/hard times, not during good times.

Let’s not call them Hawks anymore; Hamsters are a better label.

Frank W. Mattern, Boise