Letters to the Editor

Christiansen letter: Press freedom

I am a 12-year-old Boy Scout and I want to thank you for providing news coverage helping people see what is happening in their community and telling them what is happening in this country and around the world.

I have learned that freedom of the press and being able to express our opinions in print without government censorship is an important freedom for all the citizens of the United States. There are many countries in the world that do not have this freedom. In some of these countries there are people in prison who tried to express criticism of their government and their leaders.

I am trying to earn my Communications merit badge so this opinion letter will fulfill a requirement and help me get a rank advancement toward becoming a Star Scout. I’ve already got my Citizenship in the Nation badge and I used some of your good news articles to help me earn it.

I hope all of us appreciate how fortunate we are to be citizens of this great country.

Evan Christiansen, Meridian