Letters to the Editor

Mayer letter: Teacher recognition

I felt compelled to write about something that has been on my heart and mind for quite sometime now. Most news stories are political, argumentative, negative and well ... bleh. I want to change the spotlight from politics for a moment and shine the light on a teacher who subsequently changed my perspective on life and gave me hope. Teachers do not receive even the closest amount of appreciation for what they do. From teaching from a textbook, to dedicating their lives and investing values and hopes into students. When I attended Capital High School several years ago, one teacher there gave me a chance and a dream. Mr. McKinney, an advanced Spanish teacher, deserves an abundance of recognition. I want to say thank you for caring so deeply for me when you knew I was struggling, you went above and beyond of just caring about grades, to being real with me and genuinely investing time into me, your students and everyone around you. You gave me courage to face my fears, follow my dreams and value the quality of life. Gracias por cambiar mi vida. Aprecio todo lo que hiciste por mí.

Karah Mayer, Garden City