Letters to the Editor

Just letter: Nuclear waste

My family has been in Idaho longer than it has been a state. My grandmother carried the name Idaho proudly as her middle name.

My father and uncle started their careers at what is now Idaho National Laboratory (INL). My uncle became chief of security. He also became one of the employees who received compensation for the beryllium his tissues absorbed during his many years of dedicated public service.

My father became the chief of personnel security. He was a first responder in 1961 when a test reactor went critical and killed three men.

No one in my family considered the nuclear program at INL would endanger our beautiful Idaho, or the people we loved. But it did. And it is. And it will continue to do so despite our best efforts to clean up the mess.

The radioactive waste at INL will be toxic for hundreds of generations. Recent events at INL remind us that storing waste over the aquifer is risky. We must act to ensure Idaho officials stand firm and prohibit the Department of Energy from bringing more waste to Idaho. Take action at www.dontwasteidaho.com.

Rinda Just, Boise