Letters to the Editor

Vladimiroff letter: Special Counsel

We are living through unusual times. We have a special counsel who runs a very tight ship and has produced no leaks as far as I know. He has removed people that he felt were biased. You’ll recall that his selection had that rarity of bipartisan support; for his integrity, patriotism and national service. I don’t recall hearing any criticisms at the outset.

The president, his minions and the cable news talking heads are currently doing everything they can to make this exceptional public servant look tainted. You know how dishonest this is. We are defending a president who has told 3,000+ untruths since his election. Our president has lied an average of six times a day. Why do we/you go on supporting this abysmal behavior?

I ask our congressional delegation to show some leadership and push for passage of The Special Counsel Integrity Act. As you know, this allows for the removal of the special counsel if there is just cause. Otherwise, if there is evidence of criminal activity or high crimes or misdemeanors, let the chips fall and pursue your responsibility regarding them.

John Vladimiroff, Hailey