Letters to the Editor

Reed letter: Register guns

I’m entering my golden years and finally purchased my first handgun. It seems well-built and easy to operate. Like a Toyota. But the registration process seemed too easy. Could we put firearm registration under the Department of Motor Vehicles?

We could take a written and practical test at age 18 and then renew every 5 or 10 years to affirm our skills, eyesight and sanity. Every firearm would have a registration tied to a licensed user that could be renewed every two years for a small fee. We could require insurance to compensate the victims of accidents. Private insurers could offer small policies with discounts for military/police training, secure storage, NRA membership and safety classes.

I feel the DMV does an excellent job of keeping track of Idaho vehicles and drivers. They could hardly be accused of “trying to take away our cars.”

Daniel Reed, Garden City