Letters to the Editor

Nieto letter: Star growth

Once again, Star City Council and Mayor Bell failed to listen to their constituents regarding the Northerly Expansion Project and approved an annexation application that will almost double the size of Star. The project comprises 1,554 acres and 3,100 additional homes to be built in Star.

The council and mayor heard the well-researched concerns of more than 15 residents at a May 1 meeting in Star. Some concerns were loss of quality of life, increased traffic, increased crime, lack of water resources, new schools, lack of additional police and fire. All valid concerns which were once again ignored by council.

The leadership of the city of Star seems to have a “rubber stamp” mentality with continually approving projects that will negatively impact current Star residents.

Growth is inevitable, but must be well planned. Residents must have a voice in the process.

The necessary infrastructure for such a large project is lacking. Is it budgeted for or will it cease to exist until long after 3,100 homes are built?

In closing, leadership in Star has been extremely shortsighted and in a rush to approve all applications. Slow down, do your due diligence and listen to your constituents. We pay your salaries.

Susan Nieto, Star