Letters to the Editor

Iaderosa letter: Idaho’s schools

Statistics are hard to understand and can be used to obscure, as well as to enlighten. Please consider “Idaho’s failing schools.”

Idaho’s schools are only failing in educational funding, meaning 49 or 50 states spend more per student than Idaho.

Academically, only math and reading are tested nationally. Idaho ranks above average in math. We share our score in reading with six other states. Only eight states rank higher than we do. We may have a C+ score, but there are no schools in the United States ranked at B or A levels. No argument. All schools need to improve.

The same statistics say the average salary for a first-year teacher, counting only hours in the classroom, is $14 an hour. All teachers put in several hours a day outside of the classroom, and have thousands of dollars of student loans to pay for four to six years of higher education.

Our nation was built on a strong educational system, equally available to all. We need to return to that important principle.

Jody Iaderosa, Parma