Letters to the Editor

McClay letter: Nuclear waste

As a health care provider in Boise for over 20 years, I am aware of threats to public safety and health. The radioactive waste at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is still first on that list.

The nuclear waste is stored over the Snake River Aquifer. Accidents, seismic events or even terrorist acts could place our entire region at risk for radioactive contamination.

In 1995, Republican Governor Phil Batt negotiated an agreement with the federal government to stop most waste shipments to INL in eastern Idaho. Now the federal government wants to change the agreement.

The Hanford site in Washington state wants to ship waste to Idaho. Both shipping waste through or near Boise and storing it at INL over our water source is extremely risky.

The federal government has broken promises before on this issue. We have an agreement: no more waste. Our state officials need to take the long view on this issue. The money isn’t worth it.

You can join me in taking action on this important issue at www.dontwasteidaho.com.

Michael McClay, Boise