Letters to the Editor

Marchbanks letter: Nuclear waste

Since the 1940s, science has sought a way and a place to safely and permanently store nuclear waste. So far, no luck. Tons and tons of nuclear waste is “orphaned” in our own country and around the world, with no place to go.

Many Idahoans believe that the 1995 Batt agreement resolved this issue as to our state and the private companies, the U.S. and the other countries who are looking for places to send their poison.

It didn’t.

The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and some of Idaho’s elected officials now want to open our state to 7,000 cubic meters of Hanford’s radioactive waste. Ominously, INL is anxious to “renegotiate” the Batt agreement to allow even more toxic stuff into the state.

We must demand that congressional and state office seekers explain their position on this longstanding and crucial issue.

We should all contact Attorney General Wasden and urge him to protect the Batt deal.

Take action at www.dontwasteidaho.com.

Brent Marchbanks, Boise