Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Trump gamblers

Anyone who believes a man with Donald Trump’s ego will admit he can’t handle the job as president and take early retirement is probably a full-time resident of Fantasyland. This Magic Kingdom suburb is overcrowded with die-hard Trump supporters who lost their grocery money betting he would miraculously start behaving presidential after winning the election.

It’s likely millions of Trump apologists who rely exclusively on Fox for political information will continue to embrace this flawed president. They’ll argue that over 63 million Americans couldn’t have been wrong in 2016 and ignore the fact that over 65 million anti-Trump voters still feel they couldn’t have been more right.

There’s a general belief in the legal community that good prosecutors can get grand juries to indict a ham sandwich. Special Prosecutor Mueller has a great reputation and could end this sad chapter in American history before the nation’s rational voters get a chance at redemption in 2018 and 2020. The gold-plated Trump Tower is a better fit for this president than the White House, and he could build his presidential library in Moscow.

Sandy Jones, Boise