Letters to the Editor

Villanueva letter: Disposing of plastic

Every day in America we use plastic items and then dispose of them after one use. Most of the plastic does not get recycled and actually ends up in the ocean. It is said that if we continue to use plastic and dispose of it improperly there will be more plastic in the ocean than there are fish. There is already the great Pacific garbage patch, it’s estimated to be twice the size of Texas. Our plastic is ending up in the water which is harming marine life. Whales and fish have been found with plastic in their bodies and then we consume these fish, consuming the plastic ourselves. It takes plastic 450 years to decompose. We make an average of 300 million tons a year. Picture this, if we continue to use plastic at the rate we currently are, what will become of the ocean? We need to find better ways to be sustainable. Better ways to help our environment and it all begins locally. Then we can implement it at a bigger scale. We can begin by bringing our own bags to the store or purchasing a hydro flask. It’s simple and better in the long run.

Guadalupe Villanueva, Boise