Letters to the Editor

Cavazos letter: Republican Party

The Republicans are quickly becoming the party of lies, corruption, and opportunistic immorality.

They are the party that will call for the death penalty for women who cannot afford to have a child and choose abortion instead, but turn their gaze when a colleague pays for his mistress to have an abortion.

They are the party who claims to prefer the blunt and honest truth, but dismiss daily blatant, unequivocal lies by the the head of their party.

They are the party that blasts Democrats for their closeness to lobbyists, but ignores it when their colleagues allow lobbyists to set the agenda of their cabinet in clear instances of quid pro quo.

They will go down in history as a member of the most corrupt, dishonest, and hypocritically, perversely pious party in history.

Or, they could stand up to the actions of their colleagues. They could investigate Trump’s hush money payments to porn stars. They could call for the firing of Scott Pruitt. They could call out the president when he lies. For the sake of their constituents and our country, I call on Republicans in Congress to stand up for something beyond their crumbling party.

Daniel Cavazos, Boise