Letters to the Editor

Hoefnagels letter: Nuclear waste

Nuclear waste has been shipped to Idaho since the 1950s for disposal at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). In the mid-1990s Idahoans voted to approve the strict limits on shipments of nuclear waste in the agreement Gov. Batt signed with the Department of Energy. The agreement is now at risk, and that worries me. INL sits atop the Snake River Aquifer, the source of much of southern Idaho’s drinking water. Proposed new shipments would travel on roads and rail through Boise, Twin Falls and Pocatello. Only a few weeks ago, four barrels of waste at INL spontaneously ruptured and had to be secured. Nuclear accidents happen. Sometimes they are “minor,” but sometimes they are major. Our land, water and health are too precious to gamble with. Don’t be silent, sign the Don’t Waste Idaho petition (www.dontwasteidaho.com).

Julie Hoefnagels, board president, Snake River Alliance, Boise