Letters to the Editor

Yount letter: Trump

Regarding Trump and the Electoral College. Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese warrior philosopher, states that the first strategy in war is deception. Adolf Hitler, probably the most evil man in history, repeatedly captivated his gullible audience with bombastic rhetoric filled with lies, venom and hatred toward his enemies. Dr. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazis’ Minister of Propaganda, had as his chief operating principle to tell the Big Lie (the bigger the better), and to repeat it until the public accepted it as the truth.

Donald Trump must have been doing his homework, because those three maxims work well for him.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, running a presidential campaign based on truth, compassion, inclusiveness and honor, and endorsing a pragmatic, workable and prosperous vision for America, won the popular balloting by over three million votes.

However, due to an antiquated law in our Constitution, Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote.

The lessons learned from this sad chapter in American political history: The Electoral College needs to be abolished because it sometimes does not reflect the will of the majority, a handful of states wield too much power, and it creates an uneven playing field, allowing an aberration like Donald Trump to get elected president.

Tom Yount, Boise