Letters to the Editor

Sommer letter: Scott Pruitt

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is proving himself to be one of the most corrupt politicians of our era. He is wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on first-class flights, on a loophole in the Clean Water Act to give political staffers a raise that the White House denied, and on a $43,000 sound-proof office. (I wonder why he needs that?) None of this includes the price of his personal security detail either. Five senior staff members at the EPA have been demoted or reassigned for complaining to the White House about his spending. It’s time to “drain” him with the rest of the swamp.

Where is our Rep. Mike Simpson and the rest of the Republican delegation when it comes to this type of blatant corruption? Do they not care about such corruption and flagrant wasting of taxpayer dollars? Why aren’t they calling for his resignation or firing?

Jan Sommer, Hailey