Letters to the Editor

Smith letter: Social media

Do you remember when social media was only about the lives of your friends? I do, and I really enjoyed being able to be connected to the people I like. It seems like that has fallen by the wayside over the years. Now I cringe when I scroll through my newsfeed. It’s filled with articles that were written with little research and present minimal truth. People leave scathing comments and say things that they would never have the audacity to say to a person face to face. For those of us caught in the middle of arguments between the right and left, it has become very annoying and uncomfortable. I’ll admit, I did my fair share of it once. Then I realized I was throwing common sense out the window and letting my emotions drive how I interacted with people. After that I made a three-day rule: basically I give myself three days before commenting or replying to something that I feel strongly about. Since then I’ve found myself hardly commenting and not getting caught up in the nonsense. It’s worked well, so before you decide to go off, give yourself some time to think before posting.

Shawn Smith, Boise