Letters to the Editor

August letter: Trump

I don’t understand why our elected officials are putting up with a clearly corrupt administration. All of us have to pay taxes and Trump is spending our tax dollars in his resorts for his enjoyment at our expense. He should have to pay for all of the trips to Mar-a-Lago out of his own pocket. Our representatives are obligated to make him accountable for the perverse amount of money he and members of his own administration are spending. His rant on Fox News is an example of irrational behavior. He is belittling the institutions of democracy and national security on television for the whole world to see, and it is a threat to this country’s security. If we had a major national emergency, he is not stable enough to handle it. He is demonstrating that he is a very unstable person and that is what our non-allies want. Trump sides with non-allies and belittles our allies. How much does he have to do to damage our country before our elected officials do anything about it? All our politicians should be thinking about country before party, especially if you wish to remain in office.

Anna August, Boise