Letters to the Editor

Voloshen letter: Trump’s anti-Semitism

If there was ever a doubt about Trump’s anti-Semitism, it came out again in his tweet about MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd. He called him “lazy eyed” Chuck Todd. Chuck Todd is Jewish and the term “lazy eyes” was used by the Nazis against Jews during the Holocaust. I was already convinced of Trump’s anti-Semitism when he saw “good people” marching with the neo-Nazis and KKK in Charleston. For those of you that think because Trump’s son-in-law is Jewish and his daughter converted to Judaism makes it impossible to be anti-Semetic, I saw that his words and actions tell a different story. It would be nice to see some members of the GOP call him out on this, but once again, they remain silent. I shall not be silent.

Michal Voloshen, Boise