Letters to the Editor

Hall letter: Workers’ comp

I work for a lawyer in Boise and I finally have to say something about how people are treated by workers’ compensation insurance. Even when there is no dispute that someone deserves compensation, it seems that insurance is there just to make the person’s life hell. They delay giving permission for medical procedures, they send things to the wrong addresses, they space out requesting needed paperwork instead of a one-time packet, they request information that has already been sent, insisting they never got it (but they got the other things sent with it).

The biggest battle, however, seems to be getting checks. One client I am working with now gets checks consistently 22 days after they tell us they were sent; “they are sent every 14 days.” It is all blamed on the Postal Service and where he lives, but nothing else is late. This has led to him possibly losing his truck and house, which has caused extreme anxiety and stress to the point of causing physical issues. If a company pulled this and paid their employees consistently eight days late, they would be sued.

Linda Hall, Boise