Letters to the Editor

Dixon letter: Rising gasoline prices

The main reason for the rising price of gasoline is because Congress repealed a law that prohibited the export of U.S. origin crude oil overseas. This law was in effect two years ago, and the price of gasoline at my local station was $1.799 per gallon. Politicians were yelling “Make America Energy Independent” and “Drill, baby, drill.” But then as we got closer, Congress changed the law, our crude and natural gas was suddenly sold overseas, and our gasoline went to $3.059. Congress should restore that law. Then I propose that Congress make a deal with the oil companies that the price of gasoline and diesel at our pumps shall be no more than $1.999 per gallon, including the new Federal tax of 25 cents, 5 cents of which should go to the states. All of the additional fuel tax should be for infrastructure, and none for subsidies for public transportation or fast trains. Alcohol addition to fuel should be abolished. The minimum octane rating of regular grade gasoline should be raised to the European standards, which will increase mileage and decrease pollution. After all that is in place, any excess crude oil of U.S. origin may again be exported.

Fritz Dixon, Meridian