Letters to the Editor

Haynes letter: Donald Trump

King Trump, Master Judicial Intimidator, is finally meeting his match. A lifelong bully suing those without power, the tables have turned. Dazed by his assault on America and our institutions, we’re finally developing our defense:

Sue Trump and his enablers.

For once, he’s met his match with both sophisticated and grassroot opponents who have power, wealth, and legal expertise. Government agencies, watchdog organizations, progressive political entities, environmental groups, ethics experts, social justice organizations, and many others are suing the pants off of Trump and his Administration. Yes, even porn stars. And many are winning.

Trump, how does it feel to be defeated by litigation-by-ethics? Worldwide, you and your brand are irredeemably soiled. Face it, you taught us how to ruin you. We may need to wash our hands but your exit makes it worthwhile.

Sarah D. Haynes, Ph.D., Eagle