Letters to the Editor

Buller letter: Newcomers to Idaho

It’s fine with me if people come to America for a better life.

It’s fine with me if you leave your present state and relocate to Idaho for a better way of life.

Those of you relocating from other states, maybe you left because you wanted for yourself and family what Boise and Idaho has to offer or maybe because you wanted a better, safer place for you and your family.

Those of you who left your country for America, maybe you felt it was no longer safe and livable there.

OK, you’re here now. Welcome. Please, please stop trying to turn Boise and Idaho into what you just ran from.

Life’s a little slower here, more friendly, ya’ meet a lot more nice people, and we’re sorta more laid back. Slow down and join us in this beautiful state, but please leave that old mindset behind. If you don’t join us here in Idaho instead of trying to change Idaho, it’s not going to be long before you start thinking of leaving for a place that feels safer than Idaho.

Ann Buller, Boise