Letters to the Editor

Bolton letter: Second Amendment

Keith Hull asked that I respond to his points.

The first 10 constitutional amendments limit the federal government’s power to subjugate the people. The Second Amendment’s purpose is therefore about limiting federal power. It’s not about hunting or even self-defense. It’s about posing a credible deterrent to federal abuses. Both sides had the same arms (muzzleloaders). We should limit efforts to further erode that deterrent.

No western democracy that banned guns enslaved their people? 1930’s Germany was a democracy and did just that. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Lenin and other totalitarians who hate free societies all espoused disarming their enemies and undesirables. Those who hate individual liberty hate people owning guns. Those who love freedom promote responsible gun ownership.

Keith also claims that a “gun show loophole” exists that allows nutjobs to buy guns without getting background checks. It doesn’t exist. Any gun dealer will require all buyers to fill out the same federal forms whether selling at a gun show or at their normal place of business. All federal and state laws apply whether a purchase takes place at a gun show or not. No exceptions. He’s free to go to the next gun show and see.

Chris Bolton, Meridian