Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Gun laws

The New Your Times must have searched high and low for someone owning firearms to say that more laws are needed. In my 50 or so years of competitive and recreational shooting, I have never met a real shooter who thinks we need more gun laws.

The same day you published the initial Richland school shooting article, you also published, about two column inches in the back, that an Everett Washington woman notified the authorities of threats her grandson had made. The Everett police responded appropriately, and no one was hurt. This shows where the breakdown in Florida really occurred; those we hired to protect us did not do their jobs. More laws would not help.

Agreed, there are people who should not have access to devices capable of harm, which is what NICS was designed to accomplish. It is the responsibility of the public safety officials to ensure dangerous people are identified, and treated, appropriately.

Scott A. Jones, Council