Letters to the Editor

Wade letter: Slow down for wildlife

The morning of May 1st, as I was traveling to work, I got onto I-84 at the Cole Road on-ramp as I do every morning, and saw the destruction of an entire goose family. The mother and father goose lay in the middle while their babies lay around them. One baby goose, with its legs still broken, the only one still alive, tried crawling to the side of the highway to escape the massacre of its family.

Who doesn’t slow down for animals crossing the highway, or even the road for that matter? Have we really become so entitled to think that where we are going is more important than the wildlife around us? I cried the whole way to work and then some.

There are so many dead geese on the side of I-84 and the connector, it makes me sad. It also makes me disgusted that the city doesn’t do anything about it. Can you imagine coming to Boise from out of state and seeing dozens of dead geese lining the highway?

There is a pond in the middle of the freeway, and I believe there should be a gate there to protect the geese. This was a painful way to start a Tuesday.

Jocelyn Wade, Boise