Letters to the Editor

Barber letter: Idahoan in the IDF

After reading the article about the Idahoan who joined the IDF, a couple of glaring questions arise.

Why can an American join the Israeli Occupation Forces and move to Israel to defend “his homeland” while Palestinians are denied entry to Israel, cannot travel to the occupied territories to visit family, and risk imprisonment merely for speaking out against occupation?

What of the connection Palestinians feel for the lands they were forced from, not just in 1948, but today?

If Mr. Boone is concerned with “protecting the weak,” why does he join the most powerful army in the Middle East, the very army that is dispossessing Palestinians of their homes, imprisoning thousands of children, and shooting unarmed protesters with “butterfly” bullets that shatter bones when they enter the body?

This article glorifies war. War is not the answer.

Johnny Barber, Boise