Letters to the Editor

Cannamela letter: Saving our salmon

Salmon: Our past, our future.

That Snake River salmon and steelhead are endangered species is old news. What ultimately needs to be done to save them has also been long known. Dam removal does not have to be a toxic issue. Idaho has a long history of politicians on both sides of the aisle taking steps to save Idaho’s lands and animals. So, to our current politicians — be brave. Now is your opportunity to leave a lasting legacy on par with Cecil Andrus and Frank Church. We don’t have to let salmon go extinct, this is a problem with a clear feasible solution. The energy landscape has changed so much in terms of alternate energy sources and gains in energy efficiency, that the four lower Snake River dams are no longer necessary. Moving to breach these dams is an opportunity for Idaho to decide its own destiny, to be a leader on the world stage. Most importantly this is an opportunity for Idaho to claim a part of its cultural heritage and make it part of our future. Sometimes we must look back to move forward, salmon could be the key to energizing rural economies and revitalizing forgotten communities.

Madeleine Cannamela, Boise