Letters to the Editor

Bianchetti letter: Story about eating dogs

Eating dogs is not acceptable. There are people out there, those who are alone, elderly, and let’s not forget combat dogs, guide dogs, and those who are devoted to us and will defend us. This should be a first offense for cruelty plain and simple. If you are hungry, eat real food at home, go to a food bank, or go to the store and eat veggies, fruit, and baked goods — not cats, dogs and animals. Some day the tables will turn when you are confronted with a mountain lion, bear, wolverine, and yes, people who are against the treatment of animals … period. Yes, there are others in different countries, which can lead to near extinction for our beloved creatures. Cats have great personalities, love to cuddle, don’t eat much. I am a true animal lover and activist and do not tolerate this kind of behavior. Fist offense, go to jail for at least five years, $100,000 fine, and no getting near them if you plan to eat them. I can’t make them illegal, but sure can get it passed in the Congress and Legislature. Just think about it. There goes your votes. We, the people have the power, not you.

Karen S. Bianchetti, Boise