Letters to the Editor

Lantz letter: Trash

I can’t believe all the trash that is along Idaho 45 south of Nampa. This road leads to the landfill. People don’t secure their loads at times and it comes off their pickups or trailers. I have seen couch cushions, bags of garbage and even a mattress. Some people just don’t take the time to secure their loads and if they notice something flying off, they just keep on going. I have stopped to pick things off the road. It is a busy highway and dangerous. I was following a truck and trailer a few days ago going across the lower dam at Lake Lowell. Three large yellow plastic bags came off the trailer at different times as the guy was heading the back way to the dump. He never even hit his brakes to slow down. He had to have seen it. Maybe he didn’t. I was going to follow him and let him know that his load was loose, but he was in such a rush, he sped off. It is a shame that people just don’t seem to care.

Darris Lantz, Nampa