Letters to the Editor

Burkholder letter: Heart disease

Heart disease is reversible. Medical science established this fact decades ago. What is required is that a heart patient switch to a diet of unrefined plant foods, for example, to beans, potatoes, oats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other plant foods.

The article the Statesman published April 23 (“With statin therapy, take pros, cons to heart”) did not mention the effectiveness of a plant-based diet to lower cholesterol, reduce artery-clogging saturated fats and open up arteries. Instead, the article discussed a comparatively ineffective pill.

In 1990 Dean Ornish, M.D., published the results of his Lifestyle Heart Trial, which proved that heart disease is reversible. Check our Ornish or cardiologists Robert Ostfeld and Joel Kahn on YouTube or in their books and articles. They will tell you to avoid meat, dairy, eggs and added oils if you want healthy arteries.

I suspect your readers would like to know that heart disease is preventable and reversible. This kind of information is far more helpful than the New York Times article you published April 23.

Reed Burkholder, Boise