Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Donald Trump

Americans can quarantine “Mad Dog” Trump’s Republican administration in the 2018 midterm elections but must be prepared for vicious opposition from fellow citizens, relatives and friends poisoned by the Trump Kool-Aid.

Trump and Republican co-conspirators have convinced their blindly loyal 40 percent base that the primary mission of the Democratic Party is to take away their guns and bibles. Voters who accept Trump’s lie that our intelligence agencies and hated Democrats are a greater threat to democracy than Vladimir Putin are probably beyond redemption. These same Republicans trusted Trump with the nation’s future and nuclear code, knowing he couldn’t get clearance for employment as a security guard at any shopping mall frequented by young females.

The Republican and Democratic parties have rigged the political system in a way that eliminates any viable third-party threat. This leaves the Democratic Party as the only option for voters determined to end a Trump presidency that disgraces the entire nation and should shame the Republicans.

Democrats must avoid another divisive primary shootout and get behind new leaders passionately committed to political reform. Millions of women, minorities and suddenly emboldened youthful voters will then help them eliminate Trump’s outrageous lies and congressional stooges.

Sandy Jones, Boise