Letters to the Editor

Kemp letter: Gun shows need background checks

As Expo Idaho brings back gun shows, County Commissioners Jim Tibbs, Rick Visser, and Dave Case missed the mark when they drafted the new safety guidelines. They omitted a key component: requiring background checks on all gun sales at Expo Idaho, an incredibly easy way to reduce the access of criminals who take advantage of the “gun show loophole.” Background checks are the best way to keep guns out of the hands of people with dangerous histories. The new requirements of adding zip ties on guns and added security in the Expo does nothing to ensure our community’s safety once the gun leaves the Expo.

Research published in Annals of Internal Medicine shows people with dangerous backgrounds are taking advantage of this loophole to avoid background checks and purchase firearms from unlicensed sellers. If we are truly concerned about “people killing people” instead of “guns kill people,” ensuring background checks on all gun sales is a logical and evidence-based starting point for decreasing gun violence.

By electing County Commissioners who value background checks, we are supporting a brighter and safer future for our children, one in which gun violence is no longer an everyday occurrence.

Mary Kemp, Boise