Letters to the Editor

Bowman letter: Phone books

Phone books — what good are they? Remember when you needed to find a service or product, you would look in the yellow pages; or find an old friend’s phone number to call, you would look in the phone book white pages. That was before there were three or four different phone books, and cell phones.

Fast forward … cell phones, and other phone providers, CableOne, Sprint, etc. It seems the “original” phone book doesn’t list you anymore if you use another provider; and why would they, you are not their customer anymore. And, if you have gone strictly to a cell phone, no landline, in hopes of avoiding telemarketers (good luck with that, they will find you), there is no record of your phone number. Now, if you look in any of the many phone books, you are probably not there. Try to find a business type in the yellow pages, you will probably not find all of the sources available in any one book, if you find them at all. The phone book used to be the go-to for everything, but how things do change.

I repeat — Phone books, what good are they, anymore?

Steve Bowman, Boise