Letters to the Editor

Mannion letter: Northwest Boise development

In response to Richard Llewellyn’s timely and poignant Guest Opinion, April 19, it is my deeply felt hope that those who make irretrievable decisions about land use in northwest Boise can slow down the rush to forever mar the last “eddy of tranquility” along Hill Road and Hill Road Parkway. The word “development” alone promotes polarization between those who stand to make financial gain from land use decisions, and those who are most likely to experience significant, and unwanted, change in their environment, without tangible benefit. This part of Boise along the edge of the Foothills is an integral part of what is best about our city. Plans to change the essential character of this section of the city are frightening to those who stand to suffer most from the impact of the proposed Trilogy and Corey Barton project. No one of us are so naive as to think that some kind of development will not occur. This development, however, deserves the time, attention, analysis, and public participation of a comprehensive planning process. Once a housing complex is completed, there is no rethinking about what could have or should have occurred. That thinking needs to happen now.

Kris Mannion, Boise