Letters to the Editor

Lodal letter: Questions for Republicans

I believe we are at a critical moment in American history. I need to ask my Republican friends some questions. I believe you are patriots and that you have shown excellent ideas for our country in the past. I don’t consider myself a Republican but I’m always interested when these ideas are presented in terms of solutions for America.

Our president claims to be a Republican. Recent revelations are now proving his poor relationship with the truth, his contempt for women and the institution of marriage, and his vicious mean streak that is used to scorch anyone who disagrees with him. Are you willing to cede the face of the GOP to such a person? When will the time come when you say enough is enough?

He claims to support the issues you support. He speaks to the anger related to rapid changes in the global economy and in the social fabric and makeup of the USA. But, in the end, he is a liar, he’s caustically cruel, and he is not someone any of us can count on for consistency or to serve the nation’s interests over his own. Is this the guy who truly represents your belief system?

John Lodal, Boise