Letters to the Editor

Janzen letter: More than anti-abortion issues

Dixie Herring recently wrote a letter (April 17) indicating that anti-abortion legislation is the most important issue to her. Thus she supports Labrador, because he cut funding to Planned Parenthood. I am challenging her to consider other important moral issues that support life and the living. Idaho’s leaders continue to deny healthcare for the hardworking poor, those unable to work, those with mental health issues and drug/alcohol abuse issues. These people are unable to rise above their circumstances because of the lack of healthcare services and poverty.

The USA spends more money on the military complex than the next 18 countries combined. When this country goes to war, it never has a good outcome. So much death, destruction, polluting, bodily harm, maiming and PTSD to the citizens of this country and the country attacked. Perhaps if the USA developed diplomacy, then reduce the military complex spending and pursue eliminating poverty and improve healthcare in this country and other countries, life would be better. I think we all agree that we want all to be healthy in their “pursuit of happiness.” I hope Dixie agrees with me, that supporting anti-abortion issues are so small in regard to other issues.

Jane Janzen, Boise