Letters to the Editor

York letter: Megan Hart guest opinion

Many thanks to Megan Hart (Guest Opinion April 13) for a beautifully written, on-the-ground look at safety and the complex responsibilities our teachers face. Even though the word gun is mentioned only once, its ominous threat is pervasive. Despite her creative disguise of skunk as the danger, the drill itself which starts fun, eventually turns weird. Imagine yourself and your family in the middle of the night hearing an attempted intrusion into your home. Imagine huddling in the corner of a bedroom or a closet. Yes, the police have been called, but for now it’s just you and your family.

On teachers with guns — “I don’t even have sharp scissors, much less a gun” she says.

On decisions a teacher must make: Risk lives to open the door to a stranded child in the hall? If the child is yours what would you have her do?

Megan brought home the realities of our times without intellectualizing, hypothesizing, or ranting. I am heartened by her wisdom and compassion. Though teachers must practice, prepare for, and face the “unthinkable,” they continue to teach love and respect. Thanks to all teachers for being front line builders of hope for our future.

Nadine York, Boise