Letters to the Editor

Lin letter: Recycling

“Recycling,” April 7.

I’m excited to learn the City of Boise has found a partial solution to respond to the ban of plastic importing by China. The orange “energy bag” will help reduce waste in our landfills and provide another energy source. Though I understand the city’s decision and reasoning, I was somewhat dismayed to read that all plastic water bottles will have to be disposed in the trash. I hope this decision will lead to more people considering the use of non-plastic water bottles whenever possible. Similarly, try bringing reusable containers for leftovers when eating out instead of relying on restaurant’s throwaway containers, try bringing your own reusable shopping bags, try buying products with less packaging material, etc. It’s easy to do once you get in the habit to reduce and reuse. Thanks everyone for thinking about our current and future environment.

Yiqun Lin, Boise