Letters to the Editor

Ikonen letter: Urban training

I’m writing in response to the military in Mountain Home wanting to use several cities in Idaho including Boise as its urban training. I’m astounded. The quality of life it seems has no apparent impact on our powers that be that we elect to help make our lives livable. The most troublesome feeling I have, is that I for one, do not want to feel scared to death. I do not want to feel as though I’m in a war zone. I do not want to feel as though I am a victim of domestic terrorism. I do not want to feel a hostage situation military base. I do not want to feel threatened and terrorized by things in the sky that are training that could crash and burn on top of my house, your house, anybody’s house. I’m hoping that the good citizens of our beautiful Boise and Idaho take this impending threat seriously.

Tammy Ikonen, Boise