Letters to the Editor

Heumann letter: Pruitt and clean water

As I plan my spring fishing adventures in Eastern Idaho, I am reminded that clean, healthy waters are key to my success and enjoyment on the water. The same commonsense measures that protect fish and wildlife habitat also protect our drinking water supplies. That is why no community, urban or rural, sporting or non, can afford to ignore this situation any longer.

I feel betrayed both by Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s gross abuse of taxpayer dollars and his attempts to dismantle the clean water protections we all rely on. He is ignoring the science. It’s time for Mr. Pruitt to resign or be removed from office.

I would encourage Senators Crapo and Risch to speak out against Pruitt’s misuse of his position and to carefully weigh any future nominee for the administrator position. Anglers like me will thank our senators if they ensure the next head of the Environmental Protection Agency is a better steward both of the public trust and of our favorite fishing spots.

Maggie Heumann, Victor