Letters to the Editor

Andrus letter: Cole Road storage units

I am a 40 year resident of West Boise. In this area there is a nice mix of homes, churches, schools and a dentist office or so and grocery stores, a gas station here and there. A nice mix for a residential area. I have been dumbfounded as a new storage facility has been going up near Fairmont Junior High School on Cole Road. Each time I approach, I wonder how this could have happened. Was the Boise City Planning and Zoning Commission called upon to make a call about whether or not this was an appropriate use for this piece of land? If not, why not, and if so, how did they let this happen? Was the former owner of the property aware that this is what the buyer had in mind? How did this happen? It does not fit in with the surrounding environment, but rather belongs in an area that is industrial in design and purpose. It has been built very close to the road … what no setback requirements? And the facade of the facility includes very bright, lime green for a portion of the frontage. Egads, folks. Is this progress?

Linda Andrus, Boise