Letters to the Editor

Keeler letter: Education in Idaho

As a parent who has children in Idaho, I am very concerned with the quality and type of education they are receiving. We chose Idaho because of its traditional American values. But what has happened is that they are being taught disdain of traditional values and prone toward a socialistic, globalist mindset.

There is a genuine concern among Idahoans that young people are becoming indoctrinated, rather than empowered to reason for themselves after having been exposed to multiple perspectives.

Earlier in our country’s history, our top universities strived to achieve a kind of balance. For instance, Stanford University created the Hoover Institute, a conservative think tank. Today, balance has derailed to the left. Our young people think creatively and in depth in the fields of science and technology, where subjective viewpoints are at a minimum. This is seemingly not so in the social sciences and humanities, where views that differ from the professor are not tolerated and are graded accordingly.

In my opinion, without a change in the composition of our teaching staff and in higher education, our nation is in grave danger of losing the core values that made us great.

Gary Keeler, Star