Letters to the Editor

Szplett letter: Two Idaho mysteries

Two great Idaho mysteries.

Why do Idaho men wear their hats inside a restaurant? Wearing hats are both poor hygiene and bad manners. Hats protect our heads and therefore carry debris from the dairy, yard work and construction sites. Carrying that waste into a restaurant contaminates your food first, but can also affect others. Besides, you wouldn’t wear a hat at your mother’s kitchen table, in church or in court. You should show the same level of manners and respect for others in a restaurant.

Why don’t Idaho drivers use turn signals? It is required by law and you would fail a driver’s test if you didn’t do it. Using turn signals is much safer if others know what you are doing. The signals can’t be that difficult to operate; anyone can do it. There is only one moving part.

Dave Szplett, Kuna