Letters to the Editor

Cair letter: Animal cruelty

Response to April 9 letter “Turtle and dog.”

I disagree with Mr. Vieselmeyer’s opinion on animal cruelty, it was very wrong for the science teacher to feed a puppy to the snapping turtle; for one it’s not its prey in his natural habitat; second, puppies are pets. What example is this to teach our children? And to let Mr. Vieselmeyer know, I lived here almost my whole life with the exception of a couple of years and I don’t agree with his presumption of what all Idahoans do. Because I don’t. (Shoot Bambi or feed mice to snakes — but for people who do feed reptiles, I assume they’re using the correct prey.)

There was no excuses for this teacher’s behavior and he needs to be charged with animal cruelty.

Naomi Cair, Nampa