Letters to the Editor

Lowery letter: Young adults are not pawns

I would like to inform Walter Minard of Nampa that these are not children being used as pawns by the anti-gun bunch. They are young adults with minds of their own who are fed up with the existing gun situation. They will be voters soon and will turn this country around.

Like me, they want effective background checks and registration for rifles, pistols and shotguns. We are not interested in banning these weapons. We want assault rifles and high capacity magazines banned. If you are not a combat soldier who has experienced the horrific wounds these weapons cause, please keep your comments concerning them to yourself. You have not earned the right to comment.

The one-percent and Corporate America have already taken over our lives, without firing a shot. A good place for your energy might be fighting those true enemies of all of us. Fight for term limits and making lobbying illegal.

These young adults are smart and dedicated and are the only hope for this nation. They think for themselves and will not be manipulated by anyone.

Odos Lowery, Vietnam combat veteran, Boise