Letters to the Editor

Love letter: Greenbelt disrepair

Spring is time to ride bikes, so I dusted off mine and starting from Lakeharbor; first looked at the east footbridge to Plantation Island. Still fenced, and of course the path on the Island is in a horrid state of disrepair anyway.

Turning around, was thrilled to see that the repair work under Veterans Parkway Bridge was complete, but shortly thereafter; total blockage. So I backtracked again and made my way south via Veterans Parkway sidewalk dodging construction debris that’s been a regular feature for the past year.

Turnaround at BSU was smooth, until just past Main Street where the path was closed again. Seeing no construction, I soldiered through a small blockade, but it would appear that the entire section between Main and Veterans is about to go missing, which means that Quinn’s and Veterans Park Ponds will be minimally accessible as summer approaches.

Then, the death defying crosswalk at State and Veterans, and the improvisational trek through neighborhoods to hit the Greenbelt again.

I will be a single issue voter this November. Party aside, which of you politicians are going to hasten a fix of Boise’s Crown Jewel and Make our Greenbelt and Plantation Island Great Again?

Rob Love, NW Boise